Entry Form for South East Region BYC Sabre qualifiers.
Preferably type entry.  If you are writing on a paper print then please write clearly.   Abbreviation BYC = British fencing Youth Championships

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Note: If you are not willing to commit personal details via our web site then you may enter via a paper copy (or email attachment).  However this will lead to organisers having to type the data back in to another computer.  If this is still unacceptable then please contact the organiser.

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10. Year of birth*  (select)                                                                                 
  U12 event - Born 2002 or 2003 only
                                                                                                                               U14 event - Born 2000 or 2001 only
                                                                                                               U16 event - Born 1998 or 1999 only
  U18 event - Born 1996 or 1997 only
11. Seeding Information.  Please state your previous best results.  List best results first.  If this is your first competition then please state for how long you have been fencing.State any cadet / junior / senior national ranking.
State Year, Event & weapon, Position/Rank*

12. Bye Claim? (You have a bye if you reached the top 8 in the previous year's final).

13. Signature of parent /guardian to be added to printed copy to accompany cheque……………………….....................……
(if parent/guardian will not be staying with the fencer then please assign a responsible adult).

14. Payment: Cheque for £18 (£20 on the day), payable “Surrey County Fencing Union”  
Before pressing "submit" please print this page (May need page setup -> A4) then sign & post with cheque to:
Jon Milner, 43 Circle Gardens, Merton Park, SW19 3JX.

Thank you for your entry to this competition.  After printing out a paper copy to post then please press "SUBMIT" below.   This information will not be automatically collected unless you press submit.    If in doubt try again (so long as the name is the same we will cope with duplicates!).
If you have any message / notes / comments for the organiser then enter them here

Entry Form Issue  b 14th Feb 2014
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