Entry Form for SE Region Sabre.  If you are writing on a paper print then please write clearly.

1.  Name of person making the entry (for Team) or name of fencer (for individual):

2.  Individual Entry

3.  Team Entry?

3. Club?*

if "Other please state club or team name:
Entry Form Issue 5 April 2016
Separate entry forms per team / individual please.  
You can enter before you know who will be in the team.
Don't forget to press "Proceed..." after printing this page
5.  Address:

6. Phone number:

7. BF Number:
4. Email address:
Please cut/paste from known working email to avoid errors.
If you don't have email that's not a problem...just write "none" and include your phone number below.
8. For seeding purposes, please enter best results here.  If none then state fencing experience (eg "18 months")
     Also if you have any message for the organiser then please also enter it in the box below:
Address & postcode are not required if you gave an email address.
No information is registered unless you press the grey button.
Next page has payment details.

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