Entry Form for Surrey Foil Team Championships.  If you are writing on a paper print then please write clearly.

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if "Other please state club or team name:
Entry Form Issue 6May2018
You may enter before you know who will be in the team - we can even make up teams on the day so individuals are also welcome (with small risk of not having a team). Please be flexible to swap around reserves to make up teams.  If you do intend to fence with others as a particular team then note that below.
Flexible entry system - you may choose. If doing multiple entries then feel free to email if that's easier for you. Otherwise one form per fencer has the advantage of enabling contact details to be recorded and BF numbers pre-checked.  
Don't forget to press "Submit & Proceed..." after printing this page
5.  Address(Number and postcode):

7. Phone number:
4. Email address:
Please cut/paste from known working email to avoid errors.
If you don't have email that's not a problem...just write "none" and include your phone number below.
8. If you have any message for the organiser then please enter it in the box below.  
     If you know the names of other fencers that you intend to be in a team with then note them here:
3. Ages do not need to be recorded on this form but not that fencers must be over 13 on the day of the event.
Please do click this button to submit this data, even if you intend to pay on the day.
Unusually, for this particular event, on the day payment will be accepted.
     Please only use this link to the payment page if you have previously submitted your entry data.
6.  No need to record BF numbers here but you will be required to show some BF confirmation on the day.
Please only give details that you are happy for the SCFU committee to store and use in future for comminications related to this event and similar fencing events in future.  You are welcome to request that details are deleted after the event if you prefer.