Border History
In times gone by, Surrey was considered to be all the land to the south of the River Thames. It stretched from Deptford Creek in the east to Runnymede in the west. On the northern side of the river lay Middlesex. London as a city did not come into being until 1888, when some 26,000 acres of north-east Surrey was transferred into it's care (this area is highlighted on the map in yellow). As a result many suburbs, were lost including;


In 1965 Surrey saw further change with the formation of the Greater London Council. The changes introduced were to affect many other counties, including Middlesex which was lost. As a result some of its former towns were added to Surrey, Staines, Sunbury, and Ashford being among them. This event was a real landmark in Surrey's history, for the first time its borders extended north of the Thames.

At the same time, parts of north eastern Surrey were incorporated into Greater London, (this area is highlighted on the map in green). Places lost included;


Before 1974
The local government reorganisation of 1974 saw changes to the south east of the county. Horley, Charlwood, & Lowfield Heath (now the area in which Gatwick airport stands) were transferred to the county of West Sussex. Due to local protest however, the decision to include Horley and Charlwood was reversed, consequently they were transferred back to the county of Surrey.

Today very little of Lowfield Heath remains, most of it has been taken over by the expansion of Gatwick airport, which remains firmly in the care of West Sussex County Council.

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Eligibility for SCFU events
Following a decision at the AGM on 30th June 2002: anyone, from anywhere is potentially eligible fence in Surrey County events (subject to other rules, e.g. Age, BFA membership etc).    However the final result will only include those who either:
1) Live in an area which has ever been in the County of Surrey
2) Fence regularly at a club located in an area which has ever been in the County of Surrey
3) Fence regularly at a club which has chosen to affiliate to the BFA as a Surrey club.

It is acknowledged that this does allow many fencers to be eligible for more than one County's events.   Final decision on eligibility is still left to the organiser of the event