2011-02-27 BYC Foil Results (Draft)

Draft results (not yet checked).  This file may be amended / updated if any error is spotted.
 (if necessary see also full computer files - all paper has been kept).
Do not travel to Sheffield without first checking that your name is on the list which will appear at:
U12 Girls       Qualification for National Finals
1 Serena Patel Aldershot Fencing Club Qualified
2 Becky Williams Crawley Sword Club Qualified
3 Miya Downes Epsom Fencing Club Qualified
3 Angel Bull Chichester Qualified
5 Emma Robinson KCSWHS  
6 Olivia Standing One Two Six Fencing Club  
7 Molly de Rooy Underhill Salle Coton  
8 Cara Digby-Patel Crawley Sword Club  
9 Lorenza Dell'Aquila One Two Six Fencing Club  
10 Helena Shilson Aldershot Fencing Club  
U14 Girls        
1 Isobel Standing One Two Six Fencing Club Qualified
2 Sarah Hing Shortland House Fencing Club BYE->Qualified
3 Camilla Plumb Crawley Sword Club Qualified
3 Emma de Whalley Kingston Fencing Club Qualified
5 Atlanta Tsiaoukkas Shortland House Fencing Club Qualified
6 Katharine Hughes Crawley Sword Club  
7 Charlotte Beadle Chichester  
8 Sarah Wilson Bishop Challoner  
U16 Girls        
1 Lorna Martin Aldershot Fencing Club Qualified
2 Ella Rice Aldershot Fencing Club Qualified
3 Myrrhine Vennin Salle Coton Qualified
3 Franseca Aston Bishop Challoner Qualified
5 Alice de Whalley Kingston  
6 Anoushka  Patel 126  
7 Witt Kegel St Pauls School  
8 Georgia Poncia Brighton & Hove  
  Ayesha Fihosy Shortland House FC BYE->Qualified
U18 Girls        
1 Nicole Kelly Epsom Fencing Club Qualified
* Elizabeth Okworobu Bishop Challoner Qualified
  Chiara McDermott Crawley Sword Club BYE->Qualified
U12 Boys        
1 Theodore Richenberg Sussex Scorpions Qualified
2 Madoc Haskins Gravesham Qualified
3 Nahum  Smith-Robinson Crawley Sword Club Qualified
3 Connor Head Whitgift School Qualified
5 Sebastian Monnet Salle Coton Qualified
6 Luke Wells Eltham College  
7 Kelan Patel 126 fc  
8 George Pack Sussex Scorpions  
9 Charlie Sneddon Brambletye School  
9 Jacob Stevenson Epsom Fencing Club  
9 Isaac Jolley Chichester  
9 Thomas Smith Gravesham  
9 Rahul Patel 126 fc  
9 Archie  Barnett Epsom Fencing Club  
9 Tom de Whalley KCSWHS  
9 Jonathan Parker Kingston Fencing Club  
9 Zain  Shakil Guildford Fencing Club  
  Maximillian Deering 126FencingClub BYE->Qualified
U14 Boys        
1 Oscar O'Hara Chichester Qualified
2 Andrew  Hughes Eltham College Qualified
3 Euan Deamer Crawley Sword Club Qualified
3 Daniel Grimwood Tonbridge Qualified
5 Oliver  Hayward Chichester Qualified
6 Robert Caldicott Crawley Sword Club Qualified
7 Warren Freeman - Birch Streatham Fencing Club  
8 Phillip Robinson Aldershot Fencing Club   
9 Tete Essien Bishop Challoner  
10 Joseph Rawson Salle Coton  
11 Max Hamilton Egham Fencing Club  
12 Hayden Dorahy Salle Coton  
13 George Phillips Gravesham  
14 Danel Godfrey Streatham  
15 James Odgers St Pauls School  
16 Christopher Ciraolo St Pauls School  
17 Joshua Nicholson Dulwich College  
18 Adam Kerwood Epsom Fencing Club  
19 Jamie Gulland Dulwich College  
20 Scott Sandeman Bishop Challoner  
21 Morgan Sapsford One Two Six Fencing Club  
22 Toby Stothert Kingston Fencing Club  
U16 Boys        
1 Luke Deamer Crawley Sword Club Qualified
2 Alexander  Wilson U/A Qualified
3 Joseph Kilroy Salle Coton Qualified
3 Ian Head Whitgift School Qualified
5 Adam Aspden Eltham College  
6 Sam Berry Surrey Sword  
7 Freddie Granville 126 fc  
8 Pieter de Rooy Underhill Salle Coton  
9 Matthew Baker Chichester  
10 Antoine Grey Charterhouse  
11 Jamie Loake Chichester  
12 Chris Godfrey Streatham  
13 Roby Crean St Pauls School  
14 Hector Crean St Pauls School  
15 Daniel Wellsted Epsom Fencing Club  
16 William Singer Epsom Fencing Club  
U18 Boys        
1 Joshua Freeman-Birch Salle Coton Qualified
2 Olly Willey Salle Boston Qualified
3 Peter Beadle Chichester Qualified
3 Elliott Grover Eltham College Qualified
5 Peter Wilkin Epsom College  
6 Asad Islam Salle Coton  
7 Edward Massey Tonbridge  
8 Kai Naraine Salle Coton  
9 James Rice Egham Fencing Club