Tim Buzwell (Chair):   11 Beaconsfield Place, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4BD
Tel:  07775758385Email
Mark Richardson (Vice Chair):  32a Clarendon Road, Colliers Wood, London, SW192DU
Tel: (020) 8540 3261, 07922983029.    Email  

Kate Downer (Secretary): Email

Tim Schofield (Treasurer): 3 Oak Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7JQ. 
Tel  01483 569917.  Email

lan de Whalley (Website): 7 Auriol Park Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 7DP.
Tel. (020) 8337 5648.  Email

Jim Hamilton: 15 Chivenor Grove, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5GE.
Tel: (020) 8549 6764   Email

Jon Milner: 43 Circle Gardens, Merton Park, SW19 3JX.
Tel: (020) 8542 5431   Email

Jill Farmer:  24 Wellington Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 8EQ
Tel: 020 8947 6572    Email

Helen Thouless: Email

Dominic Carey: Email

Co-Opted support to the committee:
Excalibur Advisor:   Alp Orge: Email    
Accounts Checker: Chris Weeks

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2014-11-02 Update post AGM: New Committee (added Kate Downer, Helen Thouless, Dominic Carey)
2013-12-15 Removed Niké, Keith and Suse.  Added Chris Weeks.
2013-06-20 Removed Neale & Ayesha
2013-03-09 RIP RDB, Vice chair -> chair.
8Feb2012 Added Alp Orge
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4Dec2010 deleted Chris Howser, Added Mark Richardson
10Mar2010 deleted GM, removed 2009 from SW. Added TB & AF.
3 Feb 2009 amended details ref NA.
28Jan 2009 amended details ref NA.
23 Jan 2009 Updated committee; added GM, JF, NA, SW; deleted EB
24 Sep 2008 Removed AR
03 Feb 2008 Added Jon
23 Sep 2007 Removed entry for Sue Grove
16 Sep 2006 Swapped EB/IdeW Minute sec vs External Sec.
26Aug2006 Jim Hamilton (co-opted).   Committee roles amended.
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25 Sep 2004 Centred on page
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3 Jun 2004 Updated address for David.
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SCFU Committee
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