Email contact details available via this link

Tim Buzwell (Chair) 
Mark Richardson (Vice Chair)

Kate Downer (Secretary)

Tim Schofield (Treasurer)

lan de Whalley (Website)

Jim Hamilton

Jon Milner

Jill Farmer

Helen Thouless

Dominic Carey

Co-Opted support to the committee:
Excalibur Advisor:   Alp Orge   
Accounts Checker: Chris Weeks

Updates to this page:
2014-12-06 Removed all phone numbers and addresses (emails are still accessible)
2014-11-02 Update post AGM: New Committee (added Kate Downer, Helen Thouless, Dominic Carey)
2013-12-15 Removed Keith and Suse.  Added Chris Weeks.
2013-06-24 RIP Niké
2013-06-20 Removed Neale & Ayesha
2013-03-09 RIP RDB, Vice chair -> chair.
8Feb2012 Added Alp Orge
2Jul2011 Corrected Oaktree -> Oak Tree and added email by SW.
4Dec2010 deleted Chris Howser, Added Mark Richardson
10Mar2010 deleted GM, removed 2009 from SW. Added TB & AF.
3 Feb 2009 amended details ref NA.
28Jan 2009 amended details ref NA.
23 Jan 2009 Updated committee; added GM, JF, NA, SW; deleted EB
24 Sep 2008 Removed AR
03 Feb 2008 Added Jon
23 Sep 2007 Removed entry for Sue Grove
16 Sep 2006 Swapped EB/IdeW Minute sec vs External Sec.
26Aug2006 Jim Hamilton (co-opted).   Committee roles amended.
6 Sep 2005 Updated address and phone for Chris Howser
3 Jul 2005 Deleted Joe Shackell and Keith Dodwell, Added Chairman to IdeW
25 Sep 2004 Centred on page
8 Aug 2004 Amended address for Chris Howser
30Jun2004: Deleted David Allbeury and Clive Galiano.  Added Keith Dodwell, Chris Howser and Elaine Buzwell.
3 Jun 2004 Updated address for David.
5 Feb 2004 Deleted email addresses, replaced with links to page via password.

SCFU Committee
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