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Note: this will only occasionally be updated.   See below for recent results.
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More results are stored by the County Secretary and are available on request.

Results of Surrey Epee (individual), 19th Oct 2014:     Results

Results of the Surrey 1-hit Epee:   Results Table    Womens Winners Photo   Mens Winners Photo.

Region Sabre results are on the Region website here  (29June2014)

Results of Surrey Team Epee, 18th March 2014

Results of BYC Epee SE Region Qualifier, 9th March 2014

Result of Surrey Team Foil (2nd March 2014): 1st place mens/mixed was USSU A, 1st Womens Team was St Paul's.

Results of SE Region BYC Sabre 23rd Feb 2014

Results of the SE Region BYC Foil Qualifier, 16th Feb 2014

Results of the Surrey Youth Champs, 26th Jan 2014Results

Result: Surrey Team Sabre (Oct/Nov 2013): Won by University of Surrey (again!).

Congratulations to the South East Region team on Winning the Cadet Winton ( again!) (14th / 15th Dec, Millfield).  Photos

Results: Barwell Cup, 8th Dec 2013   Photo: Winning Team         Photo: Individual Winners

Results: Surrey Novices and Intermediates, Foil, Epee and Sabre, 1 Dec 2013   Photos

Nov 2013: Hebdon Cup Posthumously awarded by Joe Gibbons to Roger Barnes for Good Sportsmanship and Services to Fencing.
Link to photo of Salle Joseph Hebdon Cup for Roger D Barnes.

Result: Surrey Epee    Photos

Result: Surrey Sabre, 27th Oct 2013: .  Summary of medallists:
Ladies: 1st Nicola Freebody, 2nd Julie Schofield
Combined: 1st Jim Hamilton, 2nd Simon White, 3= Nicola Freebody and Dominic Carey
Selection of photos: photo album1     photo album2   (foil and sabre)
Result: Surrey Foil, 27th Oct 2013
Ladies 1st Nicola Freebody
Mens: 1st Ian de Whalley, 2nd Ian Head, 3= Brian Harkins and Warren Freeman-Birch

Sad News:  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Niké Ajibode who passed away on Monday (24Jun2013) after long illness.  
Niké was a generous and happy member of our fencing community and we will miss her.

Result: Surrey 1-hit epee, 23rd June 2013: Detailed results           Photos

Result: SE Region Foil, 23rd June 2013; See region website

Result: Surrey Team Epée, 12th May 2013: 1st Charterhouse.  Ladies Winners: Wimbledon.   Detailed results     photos

British Youth Championships, 4-6th May 2013   Results here Congratulations to all involved (including 13 SE Region medallists)

Result: Surrey Team Foil, 3rd March 2013   Results here

Announcement / Request: Please do a survey for SE Region BFA: Click here.

SE Region BYC Sabre, 24th Feb 2013: Results 

Result: South East Region BFA, BYC Epee Qualifier, 23rd Feb 2013,   Results & qualifiers      
File of Tableaux (without qualifer annotations)

Result: Surrey Youth Championships, 26Jan 2013: Link to File

Result: SE Region BYC Foil Qualifier, 6Jan2013   Results

RIP Roger Barnes, Jan 2013:  BFA website       Fencing Forum

Result: Surrey Sabre Team League, 2012-2013  Result

Result: Surrey Novice & Intermediates 2nd Dec 2012   Foil Results        Epee Result       Sabre won by Dino Vo of USSU

Result: Surrey Epee 4th Nov 2012:  Results   Photos

Result: Surrey Foil and Sabre (Individual), 28th Oct 2012.  Results.

Result: Surrey 1-hit epée, 24th June 2012.  Results   
Photos - Large files: EveryoneLadiesMenTeam.  
Photos - Small files: EveryoneLadiesMenTeam.

Result: Surrey Team Epee, 20th May 2012.  Results    (

Result: BYC Epee, SE Qualifier, 11th Mar 2012.  Results 

Result: BYC Foil, SE Qualifier, 19th Feb 2012, Results

Result: BYC Sabre, SE qualifier, 4th Feb 2012 Results

Result: Surrey Youth Championships 22 Jan 2012  Results.

Result: Surrey Team Foil, 15th Jan 2012: Results.

Result: 1st ! SE Region Wins Cadet Winton.  Photos

Results from Barwell Cup, 4th Dec 2011  Photos: Set#1Set #2

Results from Surrey Novices & Intermediates (Foil, Epee and Sabre), 27 Nov 2011  Photos

Results from Surrey Sabre Championships, 6th Nov 2011  Photos

Results from Surrey Foil Championships, 6th Nov 2011 Photos

Results from Surrey Epée 2nd Oct 2011.  Photos

News: See Allez, Summer 2011, The Journal of Surrey Fencing.

Surrey 1-hit epée, 26th June 2011 Result & Photos

Ian Keeble R.I.P.  4th June 2011

Surrey Team Epee 22May2011 Result

BYC National Finals, Apr-May2011: http://www.britishfencing.com/events/results/britishyouthchampionships2011/

Results from Barwell 2010-2011: Surrey Univ. A took 1st place. Surrey Univ. B, C & Streatham all tied 2nd, then Wim A & B 5th/6th.

News: See Allez, Spring 2011, The Journal of Surrey Fencing.

Wimbledon Invitation (run but Wimbldon - not an SCFU event) Results

Results from BYC SE Region Foil Qualifier, 27Feb2011 click here for results list   or click here for full set of computer files.   Photos

Results from BYC SE Region Epee & Sabre Qualifier, 20Feb2011.  Results (with Byes)              Photos
Also, the full set of computer files is linked here and a presentation of the fencers results as web pages (not qualifiers / byes) is below.  
Qualifiers should check BFA website before travelling.No other information will be sent.

        Epee Boys U12U14U16U18
        Epee GirlsU12U14U16U18
        SabreBoys U12U14U16U18
        SabreGirls   U14U16U18

Results from the Surrey Youth Championships, 23rd Jan 2011  Photos (if you have other photos you'd like to share, please email a link).

Results from Surrey Team Foil, 16th Jan 2011.  Photos

Results from Surrey Novice and Intermediates (Foil, Epee, Sabre), 28th Nov 2010.   Photos

Results from Surrey Foil (Indiv), Sabre (Indiv) and Sabre Team, 7th Nov 2010  Photos

Results from Surrey Individual Epée, 10 Oct 2010,

Results from Surrey Team Epée 26 Sept 2010.  Photos

Results from 1-Hit Epée, 27 June 2010

Results from Surrey Team Foil, 28th March 2010.

Results from Surrey Epée 14th Mar 2010:     Mixed Poules,      Ladies DE,        Mens DE

Results from South East Region Youth Championships, Epee & Sabre (Qualifier for British Youth Champs), 28th Feb 2010

Results from South East Region Youth Championships, Foil (Qualifier for British Youth Champs), 14th Feb 2010
U12 GirlsU12 BoysU14 GirlsU14 BoysQualifiers to check BFA website before finals

Results from Surrey Foil, 31Jan 2010
or as 4 separate linked .xps files:     Poules,      List After Poules,       Direct Elimination,   Foil Result

Results from Surrey Sabre, 31Jan 2010 
or as 4 separate linked .xps files    :  Poule Round 1,   Poule Round 2,  Direct Elimination,  Sabre Result

Results from Surrey Sabre Team, 31Jan2010: 1st Guildford, 2nd Kingston

Results from Barwell Cup, 13th Dec 2009

Results from Surrey Youth Championships 29th Nov 2009 (Preliminary formatting...might be re-published later!)

Results from Surrey Novices & Intermediates  18 Oct 2009

Results from Surrey 1-Hit Epee, 28th June 2009.  Photos.

Results from Surrey Foil Team Championships, 29th March 2009

Results from Surrey Foil Individual Championships, 15th March 2009

Results from Surrey Youth, 8th March 2009

Results from Surrey Epee & Sabre, 15th Feb 2009

Results from  South East Region BYC U16 & U18 Foil Qualifier, (follow link then "Competitions"...)16th Nov 2008.

Results from South East Region BYC Epee and Sabre Qualifier, 2nd Nov 2008.

Results from Surrey Novices & Intermediates  26 Oct 2008

Results from SE Region U12 and U14 BYC Foil, 12 Oct 2008

Results from Surrey 1-hit epee 8Jun2008.  Photo.

Results from Surrey Team Foil 30Mar2008

Results from Surrey Individual Foil 23Mar2008

Results from Surrey Youth Championships, 9Mar2008

Results from Surrey Epee & Sabre 10Feb2008: 
Ladies Individual Epee Tableau  Results
Mens Individual Epee  Tableau  Results 
Epee team winners: Redhill & Reigate
Sabre Individual  Tableau  Results
Sabre team winners: Guildford

Results from Barwell Cup, 9th Dec 2007: Excel (two sheets)    Poules as pdf    Result as pdf

Results from SE Region Epee & Sabre BYC Qualifier (provisional results, Qualifiers & Byes marked)

Results from SE_Region_U12_U14_foil BYC Qualifier (provisional results subject to ratification)

Results from Surrey Novices & Intermediates, 23 Sept 2007

Results from Surrey Foil (Indiv & Team,), 1st April 2007

Results from Surrey Novices and Intermediates Foil and Epee, 25th March 2007

Results from Surrey Epee 11th Feb 2007
Epee & Sabre Team Final results
Results from Surrey Sabre 11th Feb 2007

Results from Barwell Cub 10th December 2006

Results from SE Region U16 & U18 Foil Qualifier, 3rd December 2006
For lists of BYC finals qualifiers click here or click Events Calendar then the finals event.

Results from SE Region Qualifier for Epee & Sabre British Youth Championships, 12th Nov 2006
For lists of BYC finals qualifiers click here or click Events Calendar then the finals event.

Results from SE Region U12 and U14 Foil BYC Qualifier 15th October 2006
       Provisional Qualifier Results for British Youth Championships
For lists of BYC finals qualifiers click here or click Events Calendar then the finals event.

Results from Surrey Youth Championships 24th September 2006: Available from Secretary on request

Results from Surrey Foil, 2nd April 2006 (via Streatham Website).

Results from Surrey Novices and Intermediates, Foil and Epee, 19th March 2006

Results from Surrey Epee and Sabre, 12th Feb 2006
Tableau Mens Epee
Tableau Womens Epee
Tableau Mens Sabre

Results from Barwell Cup, 11th December 2005

Results from South East Region U14, U16 & U18 Epee (Qualifiers for BYC), 6Nov2005
Results from South East Region U14, U16 & U18 Sabre (Qualifiers for BYC), 6Nov2005

Results from South East Region U12 & U14 Foil (Qualifier for BYC), 16Oct2005

Results from Surrey Youth Championships 25Sep2005

Some 2003-2006 results are available via this web page:

Surrey 1-hit epee 2005
Surrey Foil (Individual and Team), 3 Apr 2005
Surrey Epee & Sabre, 13 Feb 2005 
Barwell, 12th Dec 2004 (c/o Guildford's Website)
Link to results of SE Region Youth Epee and Sabre, 28 November 2004 (hover over "SE Epee and Sabre on the left
hand menu) then select the event
Link to results of Sir William Perkins competition, November 20/21 2004 (news then scroll down the centre pane)
Results from Surrey Youth Championships 14Nov2004
Provisional results from South East Region U12 & U14 Foil (Qualifier for BYC), 17Oct2004

For earlier results consults Webmaster (and also see this link)

Results 1969-1983 (original paper is with county secretary, see also Past Winners)
We need a new publicity volunteer 
to send results to newspapers 
with a write up / photo.  
Can you help?  Contact Secretary