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2020-01-26 Surrey Youth medal positions
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2018-02-02 Added results from Surrey Youth
2017-12-10 Added results from Surrey Epee (and last BYC Epee qualifier)
2017-12-05 Added Nov/Int results
2017-07-22 added results from 1-hit epee & youth team
2017-05-21 added result from Team Epee
2017-04-23 Excalibur
2017-03-19 Added results from team foil
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2017-01-21 Added draft results from SYC (then version rearranged + with clubs & capitalisation)
2016-12-11 Added results from Nov/Int and Surrey Epee
2016-12-03 Added results (Foil & Sabre)
2016-07-04 Added results from 3rd July 2016
2016-06-17 For privacy, deleted many years of old results - all are available on request with accepted reason.
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2016-05-14 Added Excalibur results
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2015-12-28 Added Cadet Winton result
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2020-01-26 Surrey Youth Championships (Medal positions, initial)

​2020-01-19 Surrey Open

2019-12-15 Surrey Noves & Intermediates

2019-06-30 Surrey 1-hit Epee: 1st Tim Buzwell, 2nd Mark Richardson, 3rd Roberto Balbontin.  Top Women: Diane Philips-Buzwell.

2019-06-30 Surrey Youth Team Foil: U14 Winners: Cobham A (RGS 2nd), U18 Winners: Cobham A (top all womens Team: Epsom).

2019-04-28 Excalibur Team Photo

2019-03-09 Surrey Team Sabre result: 6 teams; Winner UoS.  Results

2019-02-24 Sad news: RIP Jon Milner.  A stalwart organiser of youth fencing. Obituary here.

2019-02-03 Surrey Team Foil Result

2019-02-03 Surrey Team Epee Result

2019-01-27 Surrey Youth results here.

2018-12-09 Sad news: Diane Austin RIP.  1933-2018, Surrey fencer and administrator remembered.  More here.

2018-12-02 Surrey Novice & Intermediate Results: Foil     Epee

2018-11-25 Surrey FES individual results

​2018-07-01 Surrey Sabre Team results

2018-07-01 Surrey Youth Team results

2018-07-01 Surrey 1-hit Epee results

2018-05-20 Surrey Team Epee results

2018-05-13 Surrey Team Foil Results

2018-01-28 Surrey Youth Results

2017-12-10 Surrey Epee Results

2017-12-03 Surrey Novices & Intermediates Results

2017-11-26 Surrey Foil result

2017-11-26 Surrey Sabre result

2017-10-22 Barwell Cup result

2017-07-02 Surrey Youth Team   U14 ResultsPhoto1Photo2,    U18 Results & Photo3

2017-07-02 Surrey 1-Hit Epee  Results,    Photo1,   Photo2

2017-05-21 Surrey Team Epee Results

2017-04-23 Excalibur: Dan Wide 1st Place M. Sabre individual, (as well as managing the overall team).  Overall team result: 6th.

​2017-03-19 Surrey Team Foil result

2017-03-05 BYC Epee, SE Region Qualifier Results

2017-01-29 BYC Foil & Sabre, SE Region Qualifier results

2017-01-15 Surrey Youth Championships   Results

2016-12-11 Surrey Epee Results

2016-12-04 Surrey Novices & Intermediates Results & Photos

2016-11-27 Surrey Foil and Sabre Championships (Individual).  Results.

2016-10-23 Surrey Barwell Cup          Allez! Bulletin
    Team results:
        Wimbledon Fencing Club – First (6V)
        Streatham Fencing Club – Second (4V)
        Kingston Fencing Club – Third (2V)

    Individual weapon winners:
        Ladies Foil – Monica Sisiu (Wimbledon)
        Men’s Foil – Ian de Whalley (Kingston) 
        Epée – Marco Russo (Wimbledon)
        Sabre – Mark Lepere (Streatham)

2016-07-03 Surrey Youth Team Foil Result        
                                                     Photo of winning teams (both Cobham)

2016-07-03 Surrey 1-hit Epee Results

2016-05-22 Surrey Team Epée  results.

2016-05-15 South East Region Senior & Intermediate Sabre & Team results are here.

2016-04-26 Excalibur (Inter-county Invitation Team).    County Results   Team Photo     Team Names

2016-03-13 Surrey Team Foil     Report       Poolsheet

2016-03-12 BYC Foil results: Link to Region website

2016-03-06 BYC Epee and Sabre results:       G Epee,     G Sabre,     B Epee,     B Sabre.        Engarde Files

2016-02-14 Surrey Youth results

2015-12-20 Congratulations to South East Region Cadet Winton Team: 1st

Results of Surrey Novices & Intermediates, 6th Dec 2015

Results of Surrey Team Sabre, 22nd Nov 2015

Results of Surrey Individual Foil and Sabre, 1st Nov 2015

Results of Barwell Cup, 25th Oct 2015

Results of Surrey Epee (Individual) 18th Oct 2015.

Results of Surrey Youth Team Foil, 28th June 2015

Results of Surrey 1-hit Epee, 28th June 2015

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