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Date TBA Surrey Individual Epée   ?Venue? possible date 2016-10-16
​2016-10-23 Surrey Barwell Cup (inter club team - open to all Surrey teams) & AGM Epsom  
2016-11-20 Surrey Team Sabre Surrey Uni   
2016-11-27 Surrey Individual Sabre Epsom 
Date TBA Surrey Individual Foil venue TBA
2016-12-04 Surrey Intermediates & Novices Epsom 
​2017-01-15 Surrey Youth (Foil/Epee/Sabre)  Epsom
​2017-03-19 Surrey Team Foil Epsom
2017-05-21 Surrey Team Epée  St Peter's
2017-07-02 Surrey Youth Team Foil  Epsom  (Please advance enter individually using the web form but individuals may make up teams on the day if necessary)
2017-07-02 Surrey 1-Hit Epee   Epsom

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