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2021-04-10 Updated safety guildeline link
2018-01-14 Updated poster with Surrey Web link tear offs & Epson NOP (committee please see committee venue files)
​2017-02-05 Republished with new software
4Feb2012 Updated Epsom operating procedures
27Oct2011 Added Team Relay Score sheet
21Oct2011 Clarified date of safety guideline history & added 2nd link
26Sep2011 Added Safety Guidelines link
9Feb2011 Added DE Tableau and DE Score sheet
5Feb2011 Pool sheet v5 linked
17Jan2011 Pool sheet v4 unlinked.
4 Dec 2010 Amended link to pool sheet to point to version4
11 May 2009 Updated Epsom College operating procedures
28 Jan 2009 Added Intro to Competitive Fencing link
20 Jan 2009 Added links to viewers
20 Oct 2007 Added note re links page
8 Feb 2007 Added link to Canadian Video Clip
16 Aug 2006 Add link to Introduction to competitive fencing.
23 Oct 2005 Added Blenheim School Hall hire extract of terms
14 Sep 2005 Added link to poster
24Aug2005 Added Epsom College procedures
25 Sep 2004 Centred on page
18 Oct 2003 Changed results button from www.SurreyArchives to page in this site.
18 Jun 03: Contact Committee button text amended
16th Apr 2003 (Updated coach and results links buttons)
15th Dec 2002 (added pool sheet)
30th Sept 2001 (Age datelines link added)
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