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It is the fencers responsibility to check age eligibility.   Fencers who are not eligible may be excluded at any time, before, during or after the event.  Please read all the rules and if in doubt then consult the organisers before entering.

For these purposes, a fencers date of birth is per database. If this has been entered wrongly then event organisers reserve discretion.

Explanation of Age Dateline for Surrey Youth Events
​The Surrey Youth individual Championship, categories are now by Year of Birth, regardless of age on the day of the event.  The categories are defined on the event details.  The organisers may use other names for the groups but that does not imply a different age dateline.

For the Surrey Youth team event age group categories, see event details.  In years to date, the age on the day of the event has been used, in-order to enable two simple age groups: 
 - 13 & under on the day of the event.
 - 17 & under on the day of the event.

see also note about blade sizes.

Please remember that events other than those organised by Surrey County Fencing Union may have different datelines / rules.    Please check for each event you enter.   

Explanation of Age Dateline for Youth Fencers in Adult Events
For SCFU adult events, all fencers must be at least age 13 on the day of the event.  
This rule originates from guidance related to a BF rule which at time of writing is here. The Surrey Youth events are not affected by this rule (because under 13s will not fence anyone 18 or over).
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