Blade Sizes Required for Youth Events
to be held by Surrey County Fencing Union
Various blade size requirements have been applied to various events in the past.    SCFU used to allow any size in County Events but by being different to the Region regulations, this created problems. 
​When the SCFU committee considered this, the following precedents were noted for maximum blade sizes:

Event      Foil Epee Sabre
Region U10 0 (Where held)
Region U12 3    2    2 (Includes SE Region Youth Events run by Surrey)
NAGC   U13 3    2    2  
​Region U14 3    2    2 (Includes SE Region Youth Events run by Surrey)
NAGC   U15 5    5    5 
LP     U9  3    2    2
LP    U13  3    2    2
Other >15  5    5    5
The above information is not maintained or regularly checked.  
Check with the organisers for latest rules.
This web site has no official status for the above events.

For SCFU County Events, see event details. However as a guide:
  Event   Foil Epee Sabre
SCFU U10    0   0   0​(U10 contact organiser if you don't have size 0)
​SCFU U12    3   2   2
SCFU U14    3   2   2
SCFU U16/18 5   5   5

Some years ago the SCFU committee allowed U10's to use any size 0-3 blades but as other events (eg British Youth Champs & LPJS) mandate size 0 we would prefer all U10's to use size 0.  However as these are local grass roots events we will try to help as many people as possible to participate.

see also note about Age Date Lines.

Please remember that events other than those organised by Surrey County Fencing Union may have different rules.    Please check for each event you enter.

Maximum Lengths, Blades sizes 0-3
BLADE SIZE NUMBER        0      2     3 
BLADE LENGTH :mm Foil  775  825  850
                               Epee  775  825  850
                              Sabre  765  820  850
Source of information: British Fencing
See the material rules (available via BF website) for definitions / diagram of measurements, size 5 and further info. 

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