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Sep 26 2010Surrey Team Epee (Wimbledon College) Entry & Details

Oct 2/3 2010Sussex Open

Oct 10 2010Surrey Individual Epée (St Peters) Entry Form    Details

Oct 25-29 2010     Coaching course, Level 1 & 2 , all weapons, (Eltham College) Details

Nov 07 2010Surrey Foil, Sabre & Team Sabre (Wimbledon College)  Entry Form    Details

Nov 14 2010South East Region Intermediate Foil (Sussex) Entry Form Details

Nov 28 2010Surrey Novices & Intermediates (Wimbledon College) Entry Form    Details

Jan 16 2011Surrey Team  Foil (& AGM) (Surrey University) Entry Form     Details

Jan 23 2011Surrey Youth Champs (F, E, S) (Epsom)  Entry Form       Details

Jan 30 2011South East Region Epée & Sabre (Kent) Details & Entry

Jan 30 2011Brixton LPJS Epée U9, U11, U13, U15  (Brixton) Details & Entry

Feb 19 2011Elite Epée Junior Series  (Link to separate website)

Feb 20 2011British Youth Champs (SE Region) Epee & Sabre Qualifier (Epsom College)  Entry Form     Details

Feb 27 2011British Youth Champs  (SE Region) Foil Qualifier (Epsom College)   Entry Form       Details   Entry status

Mar 13 2011Wimbledon Invitation Challenge Trophy (Ursuline)      Details

Mar 13 2011See also Feb 27th (BYC qualifier date was changed)

Apr 10 2011Surrey Barwell Cup Team (Wimbledon College) Details & Entry

Apr 17 2011Youth Fencing Course: British Fencing National Academy, Brunel.

Apr 17 2011Ridley Martin Sabre 2011 Event cancelled

May 22 2011Surrey Team Epee (St Peters)  Entry Form       Details

Jun 26 2011Surrey 1-hit Epee Open (Epsom CollegeEntry Form       Details

Jun 26 2011South East Region Foil (Kent) Details & Entry

Next season provisional dates:
Oct 09 2011Individual Epee(venue TBA, St Peter's to be asked)
Nov 06 2011Adult foil/sabreWim College
End of Oct Sabre Teaminter club, as matches on club nights
Nov 19-20 2011Wimbledon LPJS Team Epee
Nov 27 2011Novices/Intermediates (Captains Cup) Wim College
Dec 04 2011BarwellWim College
Jan 15 2012Foil Team(venue TBA, St Peter's to be asked)
Jan 22 2012SYCEpsom (venue booking requested but not yet confirmed, 2 Halls + Salle 9-4 & 9-6)
Feb 19 2012BYC FoilAshtead CLFS (booked by CH)
Mar 11 2012BYC EpeeEpsom (venue requested but not yet confirmed, 2 Halls , Upper+Salle all day, lower 9-1)
TBA    2012     BYC Sabre   Kent (Venue to be advised)
Mar 25 2012Wimbledon Invitation Team ChallengeUrsuline
Apr 15 2012Ridley Martinwc/tg  (venue TBA,London?)
May 13 2012Excalibur inter-county Team (by invitation)
May 20 2012Epee TeamSt Peters (venue not yet booked)
Jun 24 2012Cauchard (1 hit Epee)Surrey Sports Park (venue booked 9-5)

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Note: SCFU Events open to Male & Female fencers.  All dates are subject to change.   Updates and details of other events (such as Personal Performance Courses and Club Leaders Awards) will be posted to club secretaries during the year.   See your club secretary for further information. See "The Sword" for full National Fixture List. If you wish to be added to the mailing list contact the county secretary. See "Contact Committee" for address.

Paper Fixture List:     Due to the possibility of event details changing during the year, the paper fixture list has been discontinued.
However it is still intended that other paper notifications will be posted to club contacts where notified.

If you spot an error or discrepancy between paper information versus the web version, please let me know (Email).   
If necessary, the following precedence will apply:
1stOrganisers decision,
2ndLatest version of the details from the web
3rd Paper information (note that posted paper will not be updated).

Recent calendar update history (See also earlier pages):
Deleted changed link to archived earlier fixtures (access to previou years) and deleted earlier fixtures
For earlier change records (back to May 2001) contact the secretary

2Jul2011 WICT 2012 date
13May2011 Wimbledon College venue confirmed for next season
2Apr2011 Amended venue booking status for events 2011-2012
28Mar2011 BYC proposed dates for 2012 amended.  Clarified that venues in red = no booking confirmation seen by me. Added Wim LPJS Nov2012
16Mar2011 Linked details for Barwell (revised date - deferred due to snow).
13Mar2011 Changed 2011 Ridley Martin to cancelled
25 Feb 2011  Linked entry status for BYC Foil 27th Feb2011
13F2011 Added 2011-2012 season provisional dates
10Feb2011 May 22nd -> St Peters.  Moved "More info" rectangle down in the hope that might cure 1 viewers browser problem with it's position. 
28Jan2011 Moved U16/U18 BYC Foil qualifier from 13Mar to 27th Feb
22Jan2011 Linked entry list for 23rd Jan (subject to change, this is the status before the event)
18Jan2011 More info box aligned
14Jan2011 Amended link for BYC U16 U18 Foil from SE Region Website to temporary notice (following feedback).
10Jan2011 Added Brixton LPJS
9Dec2010 Moved re-arranged Barwell to 10Apr2011
5Dec200 Moved re-arranged AGM to 16th Jan2011
4Dec2010 Added proposed date 6th March 2011 for Barwell
3Dec2010 Cancelled Barwell/AGM 5th Dec (Venue closed due to snow) . 
27Nov2010 Corrected link to details for BYC E/S 20Feb.
18Nov2010 Linked draft details & entry for Ridley Martin (17Apr) , Team Epée (22nd May) and Cauchard (26Jun)
15Nov2010 Linked entry & details for Surrrey Team Foil 16Ja2011, Surrey Youth 23rd Jan 2011 and BYC qualifiers Feb 2011
14Nov2010 Linked details & ntry for Barwell, 5th Dec 2010
13Nov2010 Linked details & entry for Surrey Novices, 28th Nov.
08 Oct 2010 Added details & entry for Surrey Foil & sabre 7th Nov2010
28Sep2010 Linked details for Surrey Epee Oct2010
23Sept2010 Added Coaching Course, Oct 25-29 2010.
8Sept2010 For 10th Oct, changed St Peters from red to green.
31Aug2010 Deleted duplicate Oct2010 and realigned Orange box
16Aug2010 Added Elite Epee 19Feb2011
25July2010 History before today archived. Added Entry/Details for Surrey Team Epée.
25July2010 Changed & confirmed date & venue for Team epee  26th Nov.  Changed &confirmed venue for Novices 28Nov.
14July 2010 Added SE Region provisional dates as proposed to Region committee
12July2010 Many dates added per  Surrey committee proposal.
12 Jun 2010 Surrey Team Epee potsponed,no new date
8Jun2010 Amended 1-hit epee from 26 to 27 Jun
19 May 2010 Surrey Team Epee proposed new date
17 May 2010 Surrey Team Epee cancelled.
12 May2010 Surrey Team Epee likely to be postponed
6May2010 Surrey Team Epee venue changing
25Mar2010: Added entry & details for SE Region Foil
21 Mar 2010 Added London Youth Games & Ref courses.  All events prior to 21Mar2010 now on other pages (see earlier event link above).
16Mar2010 New date for Surrey Youth 2011
13Mar2010 Linked Surrey Team epée details and 1-hit entry/details
9Mar2010 Linked Surrey Team Foil details
7 Mar 2010 Added advance dates for 2010-2011 season
27 Feb 2010 Added directions for 14th Mar (details issue a->b)
26Feb2010 Added Surrey Epee details+entry
22Feb2010 Updated venues
16Feb2010 Linked SE Region BYC U16, U18 Foil
11 Jan 2010 Linked entry forms & details for 31Jan, 14Feb & 28 Feb 2010.  Added 7thMar Canturbury LPJS Epee.
18 Dec2009 Added Ridley Martin Details/Entry form Iss A
12 Nov 2009 Added WICT
25 Oct 2009 Linked SE Region for E/S
23 Oct 2009 Re-instated Surrey Youth linksto details & entry form
17Oct2009 Amended Sy Youth to "check later".   Linked details for Barwell
5 Oct 2009 Nov/Int changes for 18th Oct; updated details & entry.
4 Oct 2009 Updated Surrey Novices & Intermediates,  Added Elite Epee senior 18Apr2010.
29Sept2009 Nov / Int date now 18Oct2009 (entry forms pending venue booking confrmation)
21 Aug 2009 Nov / Int date now TBA in Oct2009 (was Nov 2009)
4 Jul 2009 Split Sabre to be on same day as Surrey Indiv Foil
3 Jul 2009 Updated Fixture list per minutes of SCFU Meeting
28Jun2009 Removed links to 1-hit entries & form.  Changed to link to resutls page.
21Jun2009 Linked confirmed entries for 28Jun 2009
15Jun2009 Amended dates for U12/14 BYC Foil and for Surrey Youth.
7 May 2009 added "Cauchard Cup" before 1-hit epee title
2May 2009 Stored previous years calendar (see link to earlier events) and reformatted future events per SCFU meeting 27Apr


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